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Frequently Asked QuestionS

Yes, after your first visit, your provider can share your visit note (with diagnosis, treatment plan if applicable) with you via your secured patient portal.

We accept various major insurance. Here at Green Pasture Psychiatry, we do not charge subscription or membership fees. The only costs you will incur are for your online visits. Cash prices are designed to be competitive and less expensive than seeing an in network or in person provider.

In addition, the cost of your medications, if you are insured, can be covered by your insurance. You may also request at any time a “superbill” of itemized services rendered by Green Pasture Psychiatry which you can provide to your insurance carrier for reimbursement of out of network costs.

Below is a cash breakdown of the types of appointments and their costs:

–Initial online visit: This is for your first appointment only. It is a 45-minute session and includes initial evaluation and development of your treatment plan.

Cost: $149 (Average psychiatrist visit is $400~$500)

— Follow Up Visits: After your initial visit, you will be asked to return for a follow up video visit to discuss your treatment plan, medication levels, and make any adjustments necessary to your treatment plan. This appointment typically lasts 15-30 minutes. Follow up appointments continue to occur until you and the provider are comfortable with the medication treatment plan you are on.

Cost: $99

–Refill Only Appts: Refill only appointments occur after your treatment plan is stabilized and established with a provider, and this type of appointment does not require any meeting time with the provider whatsoever. It simply issues a refill for your medication at the current level.

Refill request: Free

Please write to patient [email protected] to request a superbill of your services.

Typically, once a provider writes a prescription, it will be electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choosing. Depending on the pharmacy’s operating hours, policies, and usual turnaround times, you can expect anywhere from a 1 to 7 business day waiting period. We highly recommend using a trusted pharmacy in your nearby area that can fill your prescriptions quickly and reliably.

To obtain a refill, you will need to speak with your provider. They will typically set up refill appointments ahead of time with you while in one of your Follow Up Visits. Alternatively, if you do not know if you have a refill coming up, or need to get one scheduled, you may login to your client portal and send a message directly to the provider. Only your medical provider can help with any medication and prescription requests.

Typically, after your first initial appointment, your provider will determine a follow-up time frame they believe is right for your treatment plan. Most of the time this occurs in 30-day or 60-day intervals. In some circumstances, a bi-weekly visit may occur.

Your provider will typically schedule follow-ups with you directly during your existing appointment, and you have access to make changes to these through your client portal. 

Should you ever have any questions about your medications, upcoming appointments, or otherwise, you may log into your client portal to chat directly with your provider, adjust appointments, and more.

This depends on the state. Each state has differing requirements for treatment. Some states do currently require an in-person assessment, diagnosis, or both. 

For most states, there is no requirement of in-person visit to receive diagnosis and treatment from a provider on Green Pasture Psychiatry.

This includes treatment plans that involve prescriptions.